The show

Halpin is a process-driven artist with technical mastery a driving force behind her painted water scenes; these authentic representations ask the viewer to pause, step into a calm space and reconnect with childhood memories.

Halpin’s intention is to create a senorial and emotive connection with her audience. The artist’s sensitivity to her environment also informs her process opting for non-harmful, non-toxic materials.

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Artist Bio

Dublin-born Fran Halpin has been working internationally as a full time commercial artist since her graduation from DIT, Fine Art in 1997. This is her first solo show. 

"I find water infinitely fascinating; the way light hit s a wave and sparkles as it undulates i s mesmerizing to me. I want people to feel transported to somewhere beautiful , calm and full of positive energy when they gaze at my paintings."

Her absolute passion lies in painting calming water scenes, giving you the viewer an opportunity to step away f rom the drama of life and to purely enjoy a moment of complete serenity. To find joy and connection in a simple moment of connecting with the ocean even if you are far from it.